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Broadcaster is easy to get.  Just contact us at Sephone 1-866-567-5988 for a free consultation to help us understand your needs.  We can then assist you in determining the best way to deliver Broadcaster.

Compared to Other solutions where you are lost in the static- BroadcasterNow has an affordable onetime fee and reasonable annual hosting and maintenance fees.  Plus you can have a louder voice in recommending new features-

Stand-alone, Add-On or Integrated

Broadcaster is a stand-alone application,  but works extremely well with datAvenger CMS our content management system.

BroadcasterNow Options

Online Classifieds

In addition, we have co-engineered a nifty classifieds engine that also seemlessly integrates with broadcaster.  (  to learn more).  This application can be added at any time by contacting the folks at The Maine Marketplace-  Then Sephone can assist in delivering both services to you so your station can be online by sweeps!

Calender Service

Give your viewers the ability to post events that you can then publish on your site and even announce on the air- but do not have to manage.  A Self-Serve calendar service is another feature that can be added and best of all its FREE- and even better- You can Sell Banner Ads and now it is a shared Revenue Stream.  Call for more info.  ( )

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New 1.9 Feature
Just a small change to the way alerts are done.  You can now select if an alert is active or not.  You can now have many alerts without them showing. Read More

New RC
Today a new Broadcaster 1.9 release candidate will be pushed live.  The big news in this RC is related stories.  Often times a breaking news item has several itertive information updates, sometimes over several days.  When small details emerge, it’s logical enough to update your story with that detail, but with large, it’s most times [...]Read More

RC release today
Around noon time today a 1.9 release candidate will be going live. Here is a quick summary of the release. Admin Search of articles Bug fix on time updating on the article admin page Better print style sheets Setup for related stories Read More