What is it?

Broadcaster, is a solution, to provide better media based content. The application, designed and developed by Sephone Internet Solutions, is geared to help deliver media based content for audio, video, text, banners and more for TV and Radio Outlets.


  • Social networking elements- share the content with others as well as integrate blogs inviting comments by users/contributors.
  • Participation- a consistent scenario recognized by the user thus encourages them to join in the conversation.
  • Includes basic, easy to use features.

Try Broadcaster, now

No NEED for a NEW website
Broadcaster can be deployed as a stand-alone application to any media company or any company wanting to be their own media.

Broadcaster does it all by managing the content and comments.

New 1.9 Feature
Just a small change to the way alerts are done.  You can now select if an alert is active or not.  You can now have many alerts without them showing. Read More

New RC
Today a new Broadcaster 1.9 release candidate will be pushed live.  The big news in this RC is related stories.  Often times a breaking news item has several itertive information updates, sometimes over several days.  When small details emerge, it’s logical enough to update your story with that detail, but with large, it’s most times [...]Read More

RC release today
Around noon time today a 1.9 release candidate will be going live. Here is a quick summary of the release. Admin Search of articles Bug fix on time updating on the article admin page Better print style sheets Setup for related stories Read More